Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have parking?
Indeed! There is abundant street parking around Saltine, which is free after 5:00pm. Additionally, the entire parking lot in front and to the side of our building is exclusively for Saltine customers after 5:30pm.  Please only use this lot while you are dining at Saltine, as it is regularly monitored.

Do you take reservations?
We do not take reservations, but you can always call ahead to inquire about larger groups or when to come in!

Why don’t you take reservations?
We know, it’s annoying! But we promise there’s a good reason behind it: taking reservations would require that we leave tables to empty between reservation times, even when we have walk in customers waiting for tables.  Since we’re such a cozy spot (Saltine has only 10 tables!) in order to stay profitable we must seat and turn tables as often as we can.

Why won’t you seat parties until all diners have arrived?
We plan on 1.5 to 2 hours per table (an hour an a half for smaller parties of 2-3 and 2 hours for 4+ people).  Since we have only 10 tables (again, very cozy) we wait until all parties have arrived so that we can accommodate as many groups as possible each evening.

Two of us came in and wanted to sit in a booth, but were told they were reserved for larger groups. What gives?
We get it! But again, we only have 10 tables (and only 3 booths) so we need to reserve them for parties of 4-6 people.

How often do you change your menu?
Oh, all the time! Our menu is seasonal and rotating, but there’s no specific schedule.   We also have verbal specials each night that are not printed on the menu, but your server will inform you! Think of our menu as one part classics, another part the kitchen’s inspiration of the evening. On that note, we try to keep the menu on our website as up to date as possible, but occasionally things change! If you’d like to inquire about a specific dish, give us a call.

Can we bring in our own bottle of wine?
Absolutely. While we have a modest but expertly-curated wine list designed to highlight our menu, if you have a special bottle you’d like to bring in to enjoy with dinner we offer a $25 industry-standard corkage fee.

Do you have a happy hour?
We sure do! But it’s a bit unique; we call it our “Pop-Up Happy Hour.” Why? Well, it’s only Tuesday-Thursday, from 4:00 - 5:30pm, and only at the bar… that allows us to offer some amazing specials and deals while still being able to accommodate our dinner crowd.

How late is your kitchen open?
Our kitchen closes at 9:00pm weekdays and 9:30pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Will you ever offer weekend brunch?
Isn’t brunch wonderful?  We think so too! But we’re a tightly-knit staff and desperately need our weekends to re-charge so we are ready to take care of you all over again… that’s why we’re closed on Sundays and Mondays, and only open for dinner. We hear you though, brunch is the best! 

What’s the story with the map on the back wall above the bar?
Owners Val and Craig have a beloved vintage print of a ‘Straight of Juan de Fuca to Georgia Straight’ navigational chart in their home.  They felt it spoke to Saltine’s proximity to our Salish Sea and environs.  Upon some internet sleuthing, Val found a company that could turn the chart into wallpaper, and voila, it’s now an icon of Saltine! If you’re curious, check them out:

Who made the broken saltine cracker print in the bathroom?
We love this print! Our dear friends gave it to us on our opening night.  It was made by Kristen Meyer at